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FROSTY Black barefoot winter boots

FROSTY Black barefoot winter boots

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The trailblazing winter barefoot shoe that redefines style and comfort in the chilly season! Crafted from a perfect blend of supple leather and durable nylon, insulated with fleece, FROSTY ensures a cozy embrace for your feet while offering unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement. Boots also features a membrane that ensures the shoes are water-resistant. Brave the elements with confidence, as the FROSTY winter barefoot shoe keeps your feet snug and protected. Embrace the cold and rediscover the joy of winter strolls, with FROSTY - the one-of-a-kind footwear sensation that will change the way you experience winter forever! 


Our shoes meet all barefoot requirements. They have an anatomical shape with enough space for all toes and a zero drop between the heel and the toe. Thin outsole (3.5 mm + 2 mm treat) will provide a real barefoot experience. Shoes are flexible in all directions and very lightweight.

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